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Thursday, 16th September, 2021
Work Diary Closed!

Due to my current work load, I am unable to take on any more Work for the remainder of 2021, this also includes pricing any work for the forseeable future. I will re-open my Diary at the end of March 2022, for work to commence from the second week of May 2022.

I would like to apologise for any Inconvinience this may cause.

Many Thanks

Thursday, 09th September, 2021
Website Maintenance

I am currently carrying out some Maintenance on my Website. It will remain live during this time. All updates will be shared here, and on my Social Media Platforms.

Many Thanks

Friday, 06th August, 2021
Externals Announcement

Due to the difficulties experienced with several External Projects during 2021, I have taken the decision to limit this type of work from 2022 onwards.

As you are aware, External Works are heavily dependant on working in the right conditions. Any change in the Weather can make it difficult to make alternative arrangements with other Clients, who may not be prepared for their works to be brought forward from the dates that had been arranged, and or possibly face a delay, due to the inconvinience of the disruption.

The less invonvinience caused for all parties concerned, is the best outcome, I would like to thank you for your understanding on this, and ask that you contact me if you have any queries or enquiries.

Many Thanks

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